„Follow Him“ by Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall, ©: Station Tebbel

January 2018 – Breeding News
„Follow Him“ starts his breeding career

Our pulled stallion by Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall x Rohdiamant goes into his first breeding season at the stallion station Renè Tebbel!
Under the aptly and beautiful name „Follow Him“ we wish that many breeders will follow him.

Further details at

„Weissena´s Fire“ with 2 hours

16. Januar 2018 – “Weissena´s Fire”
Filly by Dark Fire – De Niro – Canaster

Our state premium dam „Wynessa PJF“ delivered the black filly „Weissena´s Fire“.
"Dark Fire" is a direct son of Donnerhall and he also from the dam line of Weissena.
These black lady give into promotional hands, where this brilliant Oldenburg dam line of the Weissena where appreciated and maintained.

In the picture she is just a few hours old.

Weihnachtskarte Julian & Jasmin 2017Julian und Jürgen mit dem OL-Prämienhengst „Follow Him“, ©: Ernst

SchneeflockeDecember 2017 – Turn of the year
An exceptional year 2017

Our children Julian and Jasmin were able to develop very well and won their loops on the production line. Julian crowned his successful year-end by winning the L-dressage with the Landesjugendcup 2017 and Jasmin started in her first A-dressage to the very top and set a mark.
Crowning conclusion and for us as a breeder again and again what "unique" was our fourth licensed premium stallion in Vechta. An offspring of the 3rd generation of our breed united, showed top at the Oldenburg licensing 2017 and was certainly rightly among the premium stallions.
In the coming year, this young stallion by Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall will go into breeding using his beautiful name "Follow Him". Surely he will also get a mare from us.
The 2017 breeding was very challenging for us. So we are already looking forward to the foals 2018 by Dark Fire, Diamond Hit, Secret und Ibiza. 2018 foal look at our breeding plans!

SchneeflockeSchneeflockeWe wish all our friends and visitors a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2018

Good luck with your and our horses
Your family Fetzer

„Follow Me OLD“ by Fürstenball x Donnerschwee, ©: Becker -DLZ Lodbergen

November 2017 – News from our broodmares
„Follow Me OLD” leads in the FN breeding value estimation 2017

With a top result, Follow Me OLD leads the FN breeding value estimation of young horse tests dressage.
This year, the first offspring of the Follow Me OLD presented themselves under the saddle and convinced all along the line. With Finest Selection OLD Follow Me OLD presented the Bundeschampion 2017 of the three-year-old stallions and numerous other offspring were successful at the tournament or in broodmare examinations.

OL- premium stallion 2017 by Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall, ©: Petra KerschbaumOL-premium stallion 2017 „Follow Him“ with instructor Pascal Kandziora, ©: Equitaris

Video18. November 2017 – News from our broodmares
tallion licensing premium 2017, out of „Bellissima PJF“

Our breeding product from our mares of the "Elitestute Bonita" from Rohdiamant x De Niro and our proven St.Pr./El.St. Cariana of Donnerschwee x Alabaster, this young man springs from "Follow Me". A dream was realized with this beamman of Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall, as this stallion unites 3 generations of our family breeding. Thus, with this 4 stallion presented in Oldenburg also the 4 approved and awarded!

He was the celebrated movement artist at this year's licensing 2017 in Vechta.
In the future, this top stallion “Follow Him” will be available to breeders via the stallion station Rene Tebbel, so that this valuable gene pool of the breed will be preserved.

Congratulations and a very special thanks to the exhibitor and the training stable Dana and Pascal Kandziora..

Full sister "Bellevue PJF" by Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall expects 2018 a foal from the shooting star "Secret" by Sezuan x St. Moritz.

Stallion by Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall x Rohdiamant

VideoOktober 2017 – News from our broodmares
Further stallion from our breed approved for the OL license

Among almost 200 stallions, our colt by Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall I x Rohdiamant x De Niro from our St.Pr.St. Bellissima PJF. He received the admission to the Oldenburg licensing in Vechta on 16 to 18 November 2017
We wish him and the owner, that he can prevail among the remaining stallions and he is licensed at the licensing.

„Julian mit Day of Future“, Leonberg 2017

10. September 2017 – Julian wins the Landesjugendcup

Julian wins the U16-Landesjugendcup 2017 in his L-Dressage with his pony "Day of Future". At the age of 13, he was one of the youngest in the final and could hold his pony against big horses.
A big thank you to the trainers Michael, Markus, Simone and Antje, as well as all those who contributed to this great success.

Hengstwahl 2017 mit Dark Fire, Diamond Hit, Secret und Ibiza © Beelitz, Beuke „Bellevue PJF“ by Follow Me x Sir Donnerhall x Rohdiamant, in foal by SECRET

August / September 2017 – News from our broodmares

Breeding means thinking in terms of generations, to have visions and to explore new avenues.
We have used this year old stallions with Dark Fire and Diamond Hit and proven interesting young stallions with Ibiza und Secret.

So we look forward to the foals 2018 by:
Dark Fire, Diamond Hit, Secret and Ibiza

You will find further details under “Breeding Plans"


„Der Follower“ von Diamond Hit x Sandro Hit

Video26. August 2017 – „Der Follower“
Colt by Diamond Hit x Sandro Hit

Diamond and Sandro Hit, two stallions among the top ten in the world, have been combined here. Cariana is a sister of the successful Grand Prix horse Donnerball/ Kristina Sprehe and the dam of Champion Stallion “Follow Me”. The full brother Salentino to the mother "Cascaja" is successful in the sport up to S dressage.

“Der Follower” The sportsman and success guarantee for the next years!

„Julian and Day of Future“

10. August 2017 – Julian is nominated for the national youth cup

Julian finished 3rd in the A dressage and 2nd place in the L dressage.
Julian will be nominated by the association for the final of the national youth cup in Leonberg on 09th and 10th of September 2017 for the U14 and the U16 final!

Congratulations Julian, the training with your Day of Future was worth it!


„Follow us“ at 11th South German DSP-Elite-Foal-Auction

Video22. July 2017 – "Follow us"
Colt by Fürstenball x Donnerschwee x Alabaster

A full brother of "Follow Me" will be offered in Nördlingen on the 22nd of July 2017 at the 11th South German DSP-Elite-Foal-Auction.
This offspring of "Fürstenball", from our El.Pr./ St.Pr.St. "Cariana" is an embryo transfer that wants to enter the great footprints of his big brother.

A jewel for sport and breeding!

Julian and jasmine with her ponies

June 2017 – Successful tournament year 2017
Julian and Jasmin are very successful

Julian and his pony "Day of Future" get along better and better with each other! In his first three starts in the L-dressage, he was all placed and won his first gold loop with 7.6 in Blaubeuren last weekend!
Jasmin starts with her "Daimond Star J" and was able to shine with an average score of 7.7 to 8.0 in the E-dressage.
In her first A-dressage she put herself in the top position in a very well-equipped starter field and thus started from 0 to 100 in the next class!

So the training with the trainers Antje, Michael and Rainer was worth it! Thank you for your support.

„Dorian Gray“ von Dante Weltino x Wynton

20. May 2017 – „Dorian Gray“
Colt by Dante Weltino x Wynton x Donnerschwee

The ending point in the foal season 2017 is set by this noble black colt from our "Celestine PJF". Another offspring from our success story, based on the direct mother line of "Follow Me". Already in the first hours, this young man takes us into his spell!

In the picture he is only 2 days young.
More pictures will follow in the next weeks under our “Horses for sale”.

„Follow Me V“ von Fürstenball x Donnerschwee „Follow Me VI“ von Fürstenball x Donnerschwee „Love Dance“ von Vitalis x Fürst Romancier

24. and 28. April 2017 – “Three foals in 4 days”
2 stallions (full brothers to Follow Me) and a filly

The beginning of these birthdays was made by a dark brown colt by Fürstenball x Donnerschwee, another full brother to our "Follow Me". An image of his big brother "Follow Me OLD"!
Already four days later came the next full brother from this success pair, this time in black jacket, without badge.
The trio was completed on this day, by our princess "Love Dance" by Vitalis x Fürst Romancier x Sandro Hit with a very special drawing, also in the coveted color black.

Three very typical, modeled foals, which we will offer in next weeks under our “Horses for sale”. In advance, we can send current pictures and videos.

“Diamond Flake” with 2 days

02. April 2017 – „Diamond Flake“
Colt by Diamond Hit – Sandro Hit – Donnerschwee

Our state premium dam „Cascaja“ delivered the colt „Diamond Flake“.
The combination of the brothers Diamond Hit and Sandro Hit has once again made the perfect Oldenburg match of the D line crossed with the S line into a blockbuster.
Diamond Hit – Sandro Hit – Donnerschwee – Alabaster, the colt with perfect quality for the future in the dressage!

In the picture he is a few days old.

You will find further details under “Horses for sale” in the next weeks.

„Don Deluxe jr“ on 1st day

20. March 2017 – „Don Deluxe jr“
Colt by Don Deluxe – Sir Donnerhall – Rohdiamant – De Niro

Our first foal 2017. Today our premium dam „Bellissima PJF“ delivered the colt by Don Deluxe (De Niro x Rosario).
The colt is a dream of a foal and has everything combines to measure once a great dressage sport.
Congratulations to the new owner from Denmark!

On the picture you will see the foal “Don Delux jr.” on the first day.


„Follow Me“ 2017 ©EQUITARIS

January 2017 – „Follow Me“
First start in 2017, first win in M dressage!

Therese Nilshagen and “Follow Me OLD” were able to win the dressage horse test of class M in Ankum with a super performance.

Our "Follow Me" by Fürstenball x Donnerschwee won in the test with the overall score 7.8. For the trot and gallop Follow Me OLD got the 8.0, for the step even the 9.0. We are already looking forward to the full siblings 2017 from this successful couple!

On the picture you will see “Follow ME” with Therese Nilshagen.